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Locally Grown, Farm Fresh.

From Our Farm to Your Table


Registered Dorper, White Dorper & Katahdin

F1 Katahdin/White Dorper Cross 

About Us

Here at Bar D Farms, all our lambs are first selected for the highest quality breeding stock. Unfortunately only a small percentage make the grade.   The rest are raised on high quality forage and supplemented with the highest quality whole grain balanced with vitamins and minerals and harvested to produce the most tender, juicy, and mild flavored meat.  We participate in the SSQA (Sheep Safety Quality Assurance) Program. So you know all our sheep are handled and cared for in the most humane and ethical manner possible. We also use and take advantage of BMP's ( Best Management Practices) to insure quality, healthy and happy sheep.


We believe in and implement a high-forage diet with absolutely no animal by-products, or growth hormones administered. EVER!!  USDA defines “pasture raised” livestock as spending over 50% of their life on pasture. Our lambs spend 90% to 100% of their life on pasture paddocks with appropriate shelters for weather protection.

Quality of life for livestock:

Our livestock spend their days in the open air and sunshine grazing our lush, green pastures in familiar settings. Our young stock spends the majority of their time safe with their mothers within the protective flock learning to choose from diverse forages.

Humane handling:

Our animals are humanely treated from birth to harvest, following scientifically proven humane principles and holistic management practices.

Holistic resource management:

We are a small family farm with limited resources. Our lives center around our family, sheep, and guardian dogs. We use sustainable farming practices that improve the soil, increase biodiversity, and are beneficial to our local community’s environment. In practice, this means what we take out of the environment we put back in, so land and resources such as water, soil and fertility can be replenished and are available to future generations.